Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool During the Summer

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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool During the Summer

The summer heat can be uncomfortable for humans, but it may be dangerous for cats. As pet parents of cats, you need to make sure your cat stays as cool as possible and hydrated during the heat of the summer months. Thinking of ways to achieve this can sometimes be a challenge.  We have listed several ideas below to help keep your cat hydrated and cool during the summer months.

Limit their exercise. Some cats are more active than others, but all of them get exercise in some way. During the summer months, the heat combined with large amounts of exercise can do more harm than good for your cat.

               You may want to limit the amount of exercise and playing that they do to a certain time of day. If you still want to make sure your cat gets some daily exercise and is not lounging around all day, then you should play with them early in the morning when it is cooler.

As the day progresses the temperatures will rise, and it is best to limit your cat’s exercise during that time. By playing with them and allowing your cat to exercise in the morning, you will allow them to stay active, but you will not have to worry about them overheating.

Groom your cat daily. Grooming cats not only helps them to look better, but it can help to keep them cooler too. This is due to mats of hair trapping heat onto the cat’s bodies. Grooming can prevent these mats which then release the cat’s body heat.

 Some cats will not go anywhere near a brush to be groomed, and if that is the case with your cat then there is a simple trick you can use. Take a wet towel and dab it all over your cat instead of using a brush. This will help to cool him or her down and will prevent the mats from occurring.

Put sunscreen on your cat. Certain breeds of cats can get a sunburn if exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. If your cat wants to venture outside in the summer sun, much like humans it is important to put sunscreen on them.

This may come as a surprise given that cats have fur, but there are several areas that you should apply sunscreen. The areas include their nose, belly, and ears. The purpose is to cover up any area that may not covered by fur. Applying sunscreen to these areas will prevent your cat from getting sunburned.

Give your cat fresh water. Making sure that your cat is kept hydrated is one way to measure their health during the summer. To do this, make sure your cat always has access to water, and from time to time give them cool fresh water. One way to keep their water cool is to put ice cubes into it every few hours. This will make sure that they have a supply of cool water throughout the day.

Give your cat an ice cube. Putting ice cubes in his or her water is a great way to keep the water cool throughout the day but giving your cat an ice cube is another option. You may do this by placing the ice cube on the clean floor or as mentioned above, by putting them in water.

 Ice cubes will be sure not just to keep them cool but if placed on the floor can also be used as a toy. This is a good way to keep your cat entertained on a hot day and hydrated before the ice cube melts.

Find your cat a shaded area outside. Many indoor cats on occasion enjoy spending time outdoors. This can be hard for them to do during the summer due to the heat. One way that you can help your cat to be able to spend time outside is by finding them a shady spot to sit.

               There are several possibilities for areas that will provide your cat with shade. You could use an umbrella on your deck, a shaded area under a tree, or a cool spot in your home garden.  Make sure that even in the shade your cat does not stay outside for too long. If your cat is roaming alone anywhere outside throughout the day or night be sure to keep an eye on him or her and then bring him or her in when you think he or she has been outside long enough.

Know the signs of heatstroke. Much like humans, during the hottest days if the summer cats can suffer from heatstroke. There are several signs to look for to tell if your cat is suffering from heat stroke. Here are a few common symptoms.

1.Your cat’s skin is hot to the touch.

2.Your cat has begun vomiting several times a day.

3.Your cat is drooling excessively.

4.Your cat is constantly suffering from shortness of breath or breathing heavily.

               If your cat is suffering from any or several of those symptoms, then you should contact your local vet immediately.

Bring your cat inside the house at night. If you let your cat outside, be sure to bring him or her in at night. Though nights are generally cooler than the heat of the afternoon it can still start to heat up if your cat stays out from night to the early afternoon. This temperature change may be dangerous for your cat. Be sure whenever your cat goes outdoors, no matter what time of day, to keep track of him or her and bring him or her in when you think they have had enough of the heat.

The summer heat is unfortunately unavoidable but making sure you are at stay healthy and safe during the summer is a task that all cat parents must manage.  If you follow the tips listed above, then you have a better chance of ensuring that your cat makes it through the summer without any issues at all.

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