Tips for cleaning your at-home aquarium

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One of the most important aspects of your fish’s health is making sure your fish live in a clean environment. This can be done by properly maintaining your aquarium. Asking how to properly maintain your aquarium can lead to many different questions. You want to make sure that you do your best to keep your aquarium clean and safe for your fish. Below we have listed several frequently asked questions about aquarium maintenance and have tips to answer the questions.

                How often do I need to clean my aquarium? There is no set time when fish aquariums need to be cleaned. Some people do it every few days, others clean their aquariums only every couple of weeks. Several different variables will help you determine when it is best to clean your aquarium. The size, the amount of fish, whether you have any living plants in the aquarium, as well as other variables.

                It is recommended that you do a basic cleaning about once a month and then do a full cleaning of your entire aquarium every six months. This will help to ensure that your aquarium is safe for your fish to live in. It is important to note that when you do decide it is time to clean your aquarium, that you make sure to do a good job. This will help save you time and prevent health problems for your fish down the line.

               Where do I put my fish when cleaning my aquarium? There are two options for where to place your fish. You can either transfer them out of your aquarium and place them in another water source or you can keep them in your aquarium. If you do not drain the aquarium of water completely then your fish can stay right in the aquarium. If you do decide to completely drain the aquarium, then it would be best to place your fish in another source of water.

               Make sure if you empty the aquarium to turn off all it’s equipment. Aquarium filters are meant to run on water, not on air. Turning the equipment off will make sure that it is not damaged as you clean. The aquarium will not need to be drained completely every cleaning, so you can decide at the time of cleaning which is the best place for your fish.

               Can I use tap water in my aquarium? If you have emptied your aquarium and are looking to fill it up with new water, then tap water can be used. Tap water is what many choose to use for their aquariums. You do however need to mix the tap water with water conditioner before you place your fish into the new water. This will prevent your fish from being harmed by the chloramine that is in the tap water.

                Make sure when you replace any water in your aquarium that it is around the same temperature as the original water. This is due to fish not being able to regulate their body temperatures. Their body temperatures will change with the temperature of the water and thus it is important to keep the temperature consistent.

                Do I need to remove the algae that grows in the aquarium? It is commonly recommended that you clear out the algae that might grow in your fish tank. This is not only helpful to the health of your fish, but it allows you to see them better.

                The easiest way to remove algae if it is on the aquarium walls is with an algae scraper. If the algae have grown elsewhere such as on the rocks in your aquarium, then you can simply scrub them off in your sink. Be sure not to use any soap while cleaning these items, as soap can be harmful to your fish.

                How often should I clean the filter? It is recommended that you clean the filter for most aquariums at least once a month. Overtime if not cleaned, waste can build up which may endanger the health of your fish.

                Cleaning the filter at least once a month is a good way to ensure that the filters do not become clogged and potentially overflow. When cleaning your filter, it is best to avoid using warm water or soap as both can be harmful to your fish. Many people will use a brush or a sponge to scrub the filter to make sure that it does not become clogged.

               Can I put live plants in my aquarium? Some people do put living plants in their aquariums rather than using plastic ones. Several different plants can often be found in home aquariums. These include but are not limited to java moss, water wisteria, amazon sword, anubis, and the hornwort plant.

               One of the most common plants found in home aquariums is the hornwort plant. The hornwort plant improves both the water quality and its clarity which is beneficial to the health of the fish. This is done by the hornwort plant dissolving carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen. Before placing a living plant in your aquarium be sure to double check that it can survive in the aquarium, as well as only positively affect the health of your fish.

                Do I have to take everything out of my aquarium every time I clean it? It is recommended that you do not take everything out of your fish tank during each cleaning. Some bacteria will grow on items in your aquarium that can be beneficial to your fish. If you remove everything each time and then clean each item, you may risk destroying the beneficial bacteria.

                Making sure that you maintain your aquarium properly is especially important. The recommendations to the frequently asked questions above may vary for you depending on the type of fish you have, the number of fish you have, and the size of the tank as well as other variables. You should use the tips that you see fit for your at-home aquarium. What is important is that your fish are in a healthy environment where you can enjoy them.

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